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Like every purposeful enterprise we follow our target to become not only a useful supplier but we are also eager to offer help in creating products in other enterprises. During the years we gained experience in a number of industrines so now we are able offer various possibilities. Although we give priority to serial production, we never avoid challenges while producing non-traditional, miniserial products according to set requirements.

What drives us forward ? Most importantly it is the success of our clients. Pleasant feelings last long. You can encounter with our articles anywhere in the world when the products of our clients participate and win in world fairs. You can find metal parts of the chairs produced in Rokvelas in world airports or while on a ferry you can observe life- saving boat hooks which serve for a decade already. In Denmark they use Rokvelas produced balkonies while renovating their houses. Sound blockades along Swedish highways are produced in Rokvelas as well. We accomplish a lot though our staff is not numerous.For a big number of years we are proud of constantly growing professionalism, expert workers as well as hard working staff. It is a contribution of everybody and priceless experience that enabled us to grow up to what we are today.




The enterprise was founded in 2004.


Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands.

Industry branches

Construction, furniture, ship-building, oil-gas and automobile industries.


60 employees

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