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The Anti-Corruption Policy

Rokvelas, UAB acting in accordance with local lows, regulations and firmly opposed to corruption in all forms in own business activity. The corruption forms like: the bribery, the extortion, fraud, the establishment of off – the – books accounts, the making of off – the – books or inadequately identified transactions, the recording of non-existent expenditure, the entry of liabilities with incorrect identification of their objects, the use of false documents and the intentional destruction of bookkeeping documents earlier than foreseen by the law and others abolitions specified in United Nations Convention Against Corruption are stremly don’t tolerrate.


An act of corruption will be if any person requests, receives, accepts, gives or offers any kind of improper advantage, favor or incentive in connection with a position, office or assignment. These “improper advantages” can take many forms, such as cash, cash equivalents, gifts, credits, discounts, travel, personal benefits, accommodation, etc.

Cash, cash equivalents, or gifts that are easy to convert to cash, shall never be given or received. Example may be refundable airline tickets.

Irrespective of the value concerned, a gift that has the appearance of improper influence shall never be given or received.

Gifts given or received in connection with contractual negotiations are likely to raise suspicion of bribery. The main rule is that you shall not offer or accept gifts in such situations.

The Anti-Corruption Policy states that you are allowed to give and receive gifts that are customary and business related. The gift shall always be of modest value. Rokvelas, UAB does not have any general limit on the maximum value of a gift. Expensive gifts shall not be given or received.

The Anti-Corruption Policy states that you are allowed to arrange or attend customary business related arrangements. Examples are dinners, lunches, receptions or other type of representations. However, the costs shall always be kept within reasonable limits. What is reasonable can depend on the situation.

The cost of accommodation such as food and lodging are kept within reasonable limits.

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